Plan your meetings easily.

A virtual assistant that manages your meetings for you in addition to Outlook? That's Dynameet365. Available in Teams, it schedules, finds slots, invites attendees, and books the room for your meetings. Equipped with a geolocation system, it even knows how to find the digital tools available around you.


Dynameet365 accompanies the different phases of your meeting


Finds the slots, reserves the room, taking into account all the constraints...


It knows which peripherals are available, locates the computer equipment, and thus makes the processes more fluid.


Collects the strong ideas exchanged, and ensures the follow-up of the meeting.

Organize a meeting

Dynameet365 is directly connected to Exchange (Office 365).

Dynameet365 has access to your calendar, so it proposes slots according to your availability and those of your colleagues. Tell it your location (building, floor, office number), during your first conversation, and it finds you the nearest available meeting room.

Find slots

I initiate a meeting with one or more collaborators, indicating:

  • A specific timing
  • A specific duration

Dynameet365 proposes me directly other availabilities if the collaborators are not available.

Organizing Meetings

Dynameet365 can also organize a meeting with outside collaborators:

  • It creates my meeting and reserves my room
  • It invites external participants and tells them the exact time and location of the meeting
Reserving rooms

It finds me an available room:

  • When I want
  • For as long as I want
  • For the number of people I choose
  • In close proximity to each person
But not only...
  • Dynameet365 prioritizes rooms close to me
  • Dynameet365 manages restricted rooms through Outlook

Optimize your meeting

Dynameet365, connected to its physical environment, shares tips and best practices:

It provides personalized solutions to employees and optimizes the use of digital tools.

It offers the possibility to be autonomous, creative.

It frees up time-consuming organizational activities.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your meeting

Dynameet365 solicits participants opinions. This allows:

Optimize the number of participants for future sessions

To propose more attractive supports

Schedule the next meeting at the right time


Dynameet365 Demo in french